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Title bar formatting

You can control which information will be visible in the message window title bar by using a custom formatting string. Some variables can be used as placeholders and will be replaced with the necessary information whenever the title bar must be updated.

Setting the title bar format

The format string is a per container option therefore it can be accessed by using the container options dialog, available from the message windows' context menu (you can right-click the tool bar or using the system menu of an open message window).

The format string is limited to 30 characters in length and can contain any printable character. Using placeholders is optional but desirable.

The available variables (placeholders)

  • %n - this will insert the Nickname of the contact.
  • %a - the account name for this contact.
  • %p - same as %a - for compatibility reasons still there (in older versions, this was a placeholder for the internal protocol name).
  • %s - The plain text status mode description, e.g. "Online"
  • %u - the UIN of the contact (for Jabber protocol, it is the JID, for MSN the email address, for AIM the unique screen name and so on).
  • %c - The name of the container (when using named containers only)
  • %o - the internal protocol name (since Miranda 0.8, this is equivalent to %p in older versions).
  • %x - the custom X-Status name (not available for all protocols)
  • %m - MetaStatus this will show the custom X-Status name when such a information is available. Otherwise it will show the same as %s.
  • %t - The status message. If none is available, the static string "No status message" will be used.
  • %T - same as %t, but do not show the static default string. If no status message is available, this placeholder will do nothing.

Any character which can not be identified as being part of a placeholder will be printed in unmodified form.

Translation notes

The result of some variables will be translated. Examples are m. The result of the %c placeholder will only be translated when it contains the default container name which must always be default.

The default value for the title bar format string

The default value is set to %n (%s) which prints the contact's nickname, followed by the plain text status mode description.

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