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Upgrading to TabSRMM v3

The purpose of this document is to help users upgrading to TabSRMM v3. Since version 3 is a major redesign of the plugin, it contains a number of new or changed features and settings. Some less important things were removed from the plugin.

Compatibility information

1. Operating system compatibility

TabSRMM v3 requires at least Windows 2000. Support for Windows 98, Windows NT 4 or earlier versions is no longer provided.

Tested environments

  • Windows 7 x64 (used for testing 32- and 64bit versions).
  • Windows XP SP3 x86 (32bit version only)
  • Windows Vista x64 (officially unsupported, no longer in use as testing environment).

2. Miranda compatibility

Miranda 0.9.6 is the minimum required core version. Older releases are not supported.

3. Icon packs

All icon packs should still work. However, TabSRMM 3 is not using as many own icons as v2. Core icons are used in many places instead. The number of icons was reduced in order to optimize general resource (especially GDI) utilization and to improve consistency.

4. Skins

Skins developed for TabSRMM 2 should work with minor or no issues at all in TabSRMM 3. There is an extra document describing things that have changed and should be read by everyone interested in developing, modifying or simply using skins.

Settings compatibility

1. Container options

TabSRMM 3 uses a completely new system to store container options in the database. Thus it will be necessary to review all container settings after upgrading to TabSRMM 3. Some global options were converted to per container settings and must be reconfigured.

2. Group chat (MUC) settings

Some things have changed here, so you should review the settings under Message sessions→Group chats, especially the redesigned highlighting and event filtering settings.

3. Event notifications

Settings for showing popups have changed significantly. Visit Message sessions→Event notifications to check them.

Plugin compatibility

Support for 3rd party plugins like IEView or History++ was not changed. It is, however, advisable to always use the most recent versions of these plugins. Make sure to update your Miranda installation before reporting issues.

x64 Notes

The x64 version of TabSRMM 3 needs the C/C++ runtime for Visual Studio 2008 SP1. It is available here. The same runtime is required for Miranda x64 itself, so if your 64bit Miranda is working, you already have the required runtime installed.

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