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Known issues in TabSRMM 3

TabSRMM 3 requires Miranda 0.9 or later.
  • For the x64 build, you MUST install the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtime for x64 (just google it).
  • A detailed change log can be found here.
  • TabSRMM 3 does no longer support Windows 98/ME. The minimum supported operating system is Windows XP - Windows 2000 is not officially supported, but the plugin should run fine on it.
  • ANSI builds are no longer available. Support for ANSI builds has been dropped completely, TabSRMM 3 is UNICODE-only.


From the plugins pack package released together with Miranda 0.9.x. This is new in Miranda 0.9 - some of the most popular plugins that are hosted in the main SVN repository are now released together with the core as a separate "plugins pack" (previously known as "contrib" package).

This page should help people who are upgrading to TabSRMM from an earlier release.

TabSRMM 3 is a major rewrite with a number of new features and some old stuff kicked out of the plugin. It looks more "modern" and should also a bit more user friendly and easier to configure.

The plugin has been migrated from C to C++, although most of the code is not using special C++ features (but new code I'am adding will do so).

Because of this, there were thousands of changes in the last few weeks and naturally, changing so many things will cause issues.

What's new in TabSRMM 3

Many things, actually. Too much to list on this page, so there is now a dedicated page for it.

Latest changes

  • MUC highlighting - the %m placeholder is gone. As a replacement, there is a new option to highlight your own nick name in incoming messages. This allows for nick names containing white space characters (allowed on some jabber servers for example).
  • MUC disc logging - the default path was changed to avoid creating chat logs in the main profile folder.
  • The option to warn the user when closing a tab is gone. As a replacement, you'll see a custom warning dialog when closing a {red. There is no option for this, but all custom warning dialogs can be disabled with a check box {red.
  • custom warning dialogs were added (see here.
  • Support for ANSI build dropped completely. This includes the code and all build targets in all project files.
  • basic support for large (32x32) icons has been added.
  • Aero Peek with per tab thumbnails has been added. This completes the planned support of Windows 7 features in TabSRMM 3.
  • Reworked the way colors are used by TabSRMM to change the look of the message window without the need for a skin. Here is more on this.
  • Unattended send ("send later") and new way of sending to multiple contacts has been added. See here for more.
  • On Windows 7, the task bar can show contact avatars instead of status icons. Icons, including status icons, typing notification icons and new message notifier icons, are used in form of overlay icons on the task bar button. This feature requires that you are using the Windows 7 task bar in "large icons" mode. In any other case, the feature is disabled and the default behavior will be in effect. If a contact does not have an avatar, the status icon will be used, like it was before.
  • Some options were moved to the container options dialog. There are 2 new pages to set tab/switchbar options and Avatar visibility per container. Note that container options are, by default, global for all containers unless you tell a container to maintain its private options.
  • Sound notifications are changed and have been moved to container options. This is WIP and not fully implemented yet.
  • Close buttons have been added to tabs and sidebar buttons. They can be enabled in the container options (on the tabs and switchbar page).
  • A new title bar variable (%t) can be used to show the status message
  • New group chat highlighting. See the Group chats→Highlighting% page. It is a lot faster than the old implementation and allows to highlight your nick name even when it contains white space characters.
  • New log rotation code for group chat logs. TabSRMM no longer truncates the log when it exceeds the maximum allowed size. Instead, it archives timestamped version of the old logs.
  • Improved TAB key behavior. TAB will focus the Send button whenever text has been entered in the input box. This allows the "Tab-Enter" sequence to send a message. When the input area is empty, TAB will switch focus between the log and the input area only.
  • Containers which are configured to maintain private settings (see container options dialog) are now also maintaining their own splitter position.
  • Notifications for incoming file events are back
  • More aero effects added. One of them allows you to customize the colors (the same colors that are also used for the info panel gradient).
  • The switch bar has been added. It's a container option, so there is a new page in the container settings dialog (Tabs and switchbar).
  • The switch bar UI is work in progress. It is also not complete, especially the visual appearance will change significantly. The current rendering code for the switchbar buttons is a placeholder and very basic (it doesn't look spectacular, but it works, which is the much more important thing at this time). So please don't complain about "icons too big, icons too small, buttons to large, buttons too small and so on". The switchbar is pretty flexible and allows even complex layouts for the buttons. Such things will be added at a later time.
  • The menu bar now behaves like in most modern standard Windows application (e.g. Windows Explorer). When it is set to hidden, it will automatically unhide when you press AND release the ALT key once. When you are done working with the menu bar, it will hide itself again.

The old setting to manually show or hide it, has been left as it was.

Known issues

  • Keyboard navigation for the menu bar is not complete.
  • Skins may have minor visual issues. Most of the major ones have been already fixed, but some are still there. Due to some changes, the info panel may look different from TabSRMM 2 - this isn't a bug. It has been simplified and the individual fields are gone. The info panel is now a simple drawing canvas.
  • The default group for new group chat sessions will always be collapsed after restarting Miranda.
  • Container settings have changed a lot. If you upgrade from TabSRMM 2, you'll most likely have to reconfigure your containers. Sorry for that, but it wasn't avoidable, given the huge changes in the plugin.

Road map for TabSRMM 3

Currently there is no road map. All features that were planned are implemented in version 3. Some of them like the switch bar are, however, not as polished that they should be. This will be addressed in a future version.

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