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Latest downloads for TabSRMM

Beginning with Miranda 0.9, TabSRMM is part of the contrib pack which is distributed directly on the official download page. Please download from there. You need one of the contrib packs and you need to make sure to download the right one.

  • for x86 (32bit) Unicode builds, you need miranda-im-v0.x.yy-unicode-contrib.7z
  • for x64 (64bit) Unicode builds, you need miranda-im-v0.x.yy-x64-contrib.7z

    • Make sure, the version number matches your Miranda version.. The red x is the major version and the green y the minor one. Example: miranda-im-v0.9.10-unicode-contrib.7z is the required contrib pack for Miranda 0.9.10 release.
    • There is no ANSI version of TabSRMM 3, so no download if you are using a ANSI build of Miranda.

Occasionally, I may post alpha or testing builds on my googlecode site. Such builds should be considered unstable and can have issues (even major ones like crashing constantly). They are built from trunk code and you must not use them with a stable release of Miranda.

About the new version number system

The version number consists of 4 numbers and looks like a.b.c.d. The first number is the major version, currently at 3 and this number will not change for a longer period of time.

The last number (d) is the build number and is usually 0 for stable releases as it follows the Miranda versioning style (only the first three numbers are valid for releases, the 4th is a build number that is only used for alpha or beta versions).

The 3rd number is the release version (for example: 3.0.6 is released with Miranda 0.9.6).

The second number (b) will increase when major new features are added to the plugin.

To find out which version you are using

  • In Miranda, open the options and navigate to the plugins node. In the list, locate tabsrmm.dll - you'll find the version number there.
  • In windows explorer, right click tabsrmm.dll and choose Properties from the context menu. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need to look at the Details tab.
  • With an open message window, choose Help→About from the menu bar.

Release notes and changes

Release notes and change logs can be found here:

Source code

Sources are available via anonymous SVN only, directly from the Miranda SVN repository at google code.


SVN_Repositories has more on the source code and for people who want to compile their own plugin.

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