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Database tweaks (aka hidden settings)

This article lists all known database values that can be modified by the user in order to tweak some features. Unless otherwise noted, the values are dynamically read whenever needed so it generally is not required to restart Miranda after applying a change. They should be seen in the same way as Windows registry tweaks - use them with care.

Most of these values do not exist for a fresh TabSRMM installation, so it is normal when you cannot find them with dbeditor+. The default values for these settings are hardcoded in the plugin and you can override them by creating the corresponding database values.

Some of these tweaks are experimental and should be used with care. They may trigger unknown bugs and most of these settings are not tested on a wide range of possible configurations.

The module name for all TabSRMM database tweaks is Tab_SRMsg.
To change database values, you need the Database editor plugin
All setting names are case sensitive!


BYTE value indicating transparency of avatars on the task bar. A value of 255 will make task bar avatars to be fully opaque, lower values can be used to make them more transparent in order to improve the visibility of the overlaid status icon. Task bar avatar will be updated to reflect the change at the next creation which usually happens when a message window is opened or the avatar changes while a window is open.


BYTE value. If you set this to 0, TabSRMM will no longer strip font attributes from the message input area font setting, so you can have bold/italic/underline fonts for the writing area. Be aware that this might confuse the formatting parser and using a bold font by default could lead to a situation where you will always send bold text to IRC channels. A restart (or at least changing a setting which will trigger a reload of all font settings) is required.


DWORD value that specifies the enforced line length for the "quote message" function. Default are 64 characters. When using the quote feature, TabSRMM will reformat the quoted text to this line length and add standard email quoting characters (>) at the beginning of each line.


BYTE value. Render the toolbar using Visual Styles, regardless of other settings. Essentially, this will disable the colored gradients on the message window toolbar and paint a standard visual styles toolbar background instead. This setting is applied immediately at the next redraw, no restart or other action is required.


BYTE value. If this value is present and not equal to zero, the vertical scroll bars on the message window text fields will be disabled. Scrolling should still be possible by using the mouse wheel or keyboard shortcuts.

This is experimental and unsupported and can cause problems with certain versions of the RichEdit control. Also, loading a skin will override it, because skins have their own setting for scroll bar visibility. The setting works with the default message log only. If you are using IEView or History++ to display the message history, it will have no effect.
This setting may require a restart of Miranda to take effect.


BYTE value. When this is set to 1, TabSRMM will try to paint the borders around IEView. To make this work properly, Message Sessions→IEview→General[tab]→Hide window border must be CHECKED, otherwise you may see a double border around the IEView message log.

This is totally unsupported and may cause serious troubles with certain combinations of Internet Explorer, TabSRMM, Windows, IEView and so on. Do not report bugs with that setting enabled, they will be marked invalid without further notice.
If you experience strange behavior with IEView, like flickering, drawing errors or even crashes when opening a message window, you should immediately disable this option (delete the database value, restart Miranda).


When running on Windows 7 and using the large task bar (aka "superbar"), TabSRMM will use overlay icons on the task bar buttons when appropriate. For example, things like typing- or message notifications are using overlay icons to indicate certain activity.

By setting this BYTE value to 1, overlays icons are always enforced. If no special notification icon is to appear, status icons will be used as overlays. The setting is global for all containers.

This setting has no effect when not running on Windows 7 or when not using the large task bar. Changing this value does not require a restart, but you must close and re-open existing message windows.

errorPopupFG (new in

DWORD value - specify the foreground (text) color for delivery error popups.

errorPopupBG (new in

DWORD value - specify the background color for delivery error popups.

forceDisableMUC (new in

BYTE value - if not equal to zero, it completely disables the MUC (group chat) module in TabSRMM so you can use chat.dll.

This can only be reverted by deleting this setting by using Database editor plugin again.
When using it, you will receive no warning about the disabled group chat module and all MUC functionality will be unavailable unless another plugin is providing it.

A restart is always required after changing this value.

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