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Change log for the trunk version

The change log for the current stable version is here.

Version - 2010/12/10

    * fixed visual anomalies when the tool bar is hidden

    * TAB does no longer focus the send button when the tool bar
      is hidden.

    * MUC: strip unneeded trailing white space characters from messages
      to prevent them from breaking highlighting.

Version - 2010/10/28

    * MUC: don't touch clist group at startup

    * MUC: delay RTF header creation (workaround for a nasty bug that could
      cause a hang on start). Not really a fix at this time.

    * fixed a few minor visual glitches.

    * added database tweak to forcefully shut down MUC.

    * fixed problem with customized hotkeys triggered by right ALT
      when they were defined for left ALT. This is a workaround only,
      because the actual problem is in the core.

Version - 2010/10/15

    ! fixes for overlay icons

    * changed location for aero settings. It's no longer considered an advanced
      tweak. The options are now global container settings.

    * merged all fixes from stable tree

    * MUC: strip all formatting codes from topics so that they are not messed
      up in the info panel or status bar.

Version - 2010/09/02

    ! propagate outgoing typing notifications to the active subcontact

    * renamed sound group names for IM and group chats to make their meaning more

Version - 2010/08/28

    * bug fix: topic in info panel did not refresh immediately when it was changed  

    * updater support for the version on the addons site.

    * load system libraries in a safe way.

    * bugfix (MUC): Do not lose input focus after autocomplete did not find
      a matching nick name when the option to allow TAB in the input area is 

    * bug fix (MUC): Allow undo for nick - autocomplete actions

    * modified sound group names to be more obvious

    ! fixed memory leak in contact cache when a contact is deleted.

    * metacontact support: propagate outgoing typing notifications to the active 

    * slightly improved compatibility with old (version 2) skins.

    * MUC: make autocomplete-nickname actions undoable.

    ! fix: possible crash when closing the last tab in a container and this
      tab was a MUC session.

    ! removed ancient hardcoded size limit for the container height. This prevented
      containers to restore at a height lower than 300 pixels.

    ! fixed an issue which could cause the unattended send feature being un-
      available, despite the option saying otherwise.

    ! additonal checks to prevent uncommanded invokation of the container
      menu bar, when using hotkeys with an ALT modifier.

    * support 32x32 icons for the ALT-TAB preview on all supported operating 

    ! dragging text from the message log was broken

    ! MUC: respect the setting for "auto copy on select text" in group chat

Version 3.0.2 - 2010/08/25

    * first stable release for 3.0.x - forked from

Version - 2010/08/10

	* MUC: added code for case-insensitive highlighting of messages
	  containing your own nick name.

	* MUC: fixed background color for popups (should now use the correct
	  color set for the MUC log background).

	* added custom warning messages when importing a theme via 
	  Customize->Message window skin.

	* fixed wrong 32 pixel icon in the container options dialog. Now using
	  the message icon (for which we have both 16 and 32 pixel variants).

	* avoid creating new windows and event notifications on non-message
	  events (e.g. file transfers).

Version - 2010/08/09

	* finished v5 theme support (improved exporting and importing group
	  chat settings)

	* re-activated global message log background color and separated it 
	  from MUC background color (allows for different background colors for
	  single and group chats)

	* fixed autocomplete (MUC) bugs

Version - 2010/08/04

	* disabled some known buggy and incomplete features to get ready for 
	  3.0 release.

	* set final feature set for version 3 - some less important things are 
	  pushed back.

	* MUC: disc logging, properly check log base path for trailing backslashes 
	  when using folders plugin.

	* MUC: protect log root folder from being deleted while MIM is running.

Version - 2010/07/10

	* various fixes and improvements for Windows 7 task bar support.

	* option to warn when closing a tab is gone. A replacement has been added which
	  will show you a warning when you are about to close a window with multiple tabs.
	  This warning uses a custom warning dialog and can be disabled by checking its 
	  "Do not show this message again" option.

	* fix for auto switching tabs incorrectly focusing tab when creating a new
	  one in the background.

	* fixed crash when forcefully terminating Miranda while a custom warning
	  dialog is still open.	

Version - 2010/06/24 (internal, not released)

	* task bar previews: removed placeholders and implemented real previews of
	  the message window contents.

	* redesigned container options dialog for better translations. Most
	  options now offer much more space for translated strings.

	* attempt to fix stuck typing notifications on arriving messages

Version - 2010/06/21 - released with Miranda 0.9.alpha#11

	* implemented warning dialog boxes with a "do not show this message again"
	  checkmark for various error- or informational messages.

	* disabled aero peek previews when a skin is in use because of various
	  unresolved problems. Might be adressed at a later time.

	* updated icon pack version to 5 and re-enabled a mandatory version check
	  on startup. The warning message can be disabled though.

Version - 2010/06/15 (released as official alpha build)

	* changed logic for calculating relative skin path names. You will most likely
	  have to reload your skins.

	* fixed a possible crash when unloading/reloading skins.

	* some updates for task bar thumbnails.

Version - 2010/06/04 - released with Miranda 0.9.alpha#10

	* task bar support (Win 7), removed check for running DWM. Task bar tabs should
	  now work with classic and non-aero themes in Windows 7 (no thumbnails, though,
	  because they require Aero to be active).

	* renamed misleading option for task bar support as it implied to require an Aero
	  theme (which is not the case).

	* another tool bar rendering fix - don't use gradients for the tool bar background
	  at all with classic Windows theme, unless both tool bar background colors are 
	  properly set.

	* Aero peek (task bar tabs) now default to enabled.

Version - 2010/05/29

	* taskbar thumbnails (Win7): better support for MUC tabs, set active session
	  should now work.

	* autoclose tabs: converted to a more useful autoclose/autohide container 
	  feature and moved to container options.

	* fixed a bug where installing a language pack could break hotkeys (translation

	* fixed "black tool bar bug" when classic windows theme is active on XP or later.

Version - 2010/05/27

	* fixed crash when running on Windows 2000

	* cleaned up the mess in the TSButton class

	* More work on Aero Peek thumbnail previews. Added custom thumbnails for MUC chat
	  rooms and server windows.

	* updated msglog mark read code with some recent changes for srmm.

Version - 2010/05/22

	* some issues fixed

	* improved compatibility for old (TabSRMM 2) skins

	* preliminary support for large status icons on the Windows 7 task bar (Miranda 0.9

	* option to show avatars on task bar added to container settings (only
	  when running on Windows 7).

	* option to enable/disable Windows 7 task bar features removed (now always on, 
	  when running on Windows 7).

	* Added aero peek for the Windows 7 task bar. Per tab thumbnails are partially
	  implemented, so you get a similar UI as seen in other tabbed applications
	  under Windows 7 (IE 8, Opera 10, for example). Still experimental, so it is 
	  disabled by default (Message Sessions->Advanced tweaks is where you can enable
	  it). A Restart is required.

Version - 2010/05/16

	* menu bar is now using tool bar colors when using custom message window 

	* fixed changelog URL for users of updater plugin and created new online 
	  change log for TabSRMM 3 development versions

	* added separate translation for default container name (avoid using common
	  translation for "default").

Version - 2010/05/15

	* fixed drawing problem with animated info panel avatars 

	* moved all legacy color settings to font service

	* added theme support for new color settings (+ updated theme version to

	* fixed issue with own nickname when it has not been set on the protocol's
	  option page (use own UID instead).

Version - 2010/05/12

	* MUC: replaced (non working) log truncating with log rotation. Old log files
	  are archived when the size exceeds the maximum allowed length for a single
	  channel log file.

	* updated some dialogs to make more space for translations.

	* added UI button for quickly opening the MUC logs base folder.

	* implemented right and middle click actions for side bar buttons (close/context

Version - 2010/05/11

	* fixed a number of drawing problems

	* DB tweak to force tool bar always use visual styles

	* added 2 new common colors for painting the UI in aero and visual styles

	* improved exporting and importing of theme files to support UI settings that
	  are new in TabSRMM 3.

Version - 2010/05/06

	* send menu pulldown button is now always available, even if the
	  send button itself is disabled.

	* fixed few problems with tool bar configuration dialog.

	* send later UI improved

	* skin selection dialog improved (added button for quickly closing
	  all open message windows when loading or unloading a skin).

Version - 2010/04/30

	* fixed the painting of close buttons on tabs when using a skin (they
	  were incorrectly using visual styles instead of the button skin)

	* new skin item for the switch bar background

	* send later out of hidden state (see: http://wiki.miranda.or.at/SendLater)

Version - 2010/04/23

	* bug fixes
	* added two new switch bar layouts (more complex, allow showing avatars
	  on the switch bar buttons).
	* fix for a crash when AVS plugin is not available.

Version - 2010/04/01

	* Alpha snapshot released to my googlecode site.
	* many bug fixes and small improvements, new skin selection dialog
	* still INCOMPLETE and not all features are fully working.

Version  -

	* again, many, many changes and new things. Refer to the Wiki page 
	  (http://miranda.or.at/TabSrmm:Development3_0_KnownIssues) for more information.

Version  -

	* Ongoing rewrite of the plugin. New infopanel, MUC highlighting, aero effects
	  among many other things were added. Still in alpha stage.

Version  - 2009/08/20

	* too many changes to list here. Major rewrites in many areas, aero support
	  new menu bar (rebar-based), new, more dynamic info panel layout and drawing,
	  support for core hotkey service added, folders support extended, reworked
	  some groupchat options, got rid of old protocol names where possible

Version  - 2009/07/30

	* Major rewrites in some areas
	* converted source to C++
	* basic aero support added (experimental, disabled by default, you have to set
	  a database value BYTE "useAero" under the "Tab_SRMsg" module and set its
	  value to 1. Restart required
	* many parts of the plugin rewritten in C++ (just started, more to come)

Version  - 2009/07/20

	* MAJOR changes in some areas. Info panel overhaul and more. Expect
	  tabSRMM to be unstable for a while. 2.2.1.x will continue to exist for user
	  of a stable Miranda. 3.0.0.x is currently for TESTING ONLY.

Version  - 2009/07/20

	! various visual glitches fixed.
	! fixed problem with private container theme (using relative pathnames)
	! plugin version updated and restricted to Miranda 0.9.x development

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