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Advanced tweaks for tabSRMM

This document describes the tweaks which can be set under Message Sessions→Advanced tweaks[tab]. This feature has been added in tabSRMM version and is not available in earlier builds.

The settings are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Simple toggle options, sorted in a list of check boxes
  2. Settings which require a numeric value

Some of these settings will not take effect until you restart Miranda IM. These settings are marked with an asterisk (*) next to their names. Whenever you change such a setting, you should immediately restart Miranda. Some other settings will only require that you close and re-open active message sessions.

advanced_tweaks.png: 658x527, 103k (October 29, 2010, at 12:44 PM)
Advanced tweaks dialog

Detailed description of the available settings

  • enable image tag buttons - when checked, you can add a special tool bar button under Message Sessions→Tool bar[tab] which allows you to insert [img] and [/img] tags into the message input box. These tags are supported by the IEView plugin to enable inline display of remote images.
  • show client icon in status bar - when enabled, the client icon will appear in the lower right corner of the message window status bar (the icon area which also holds other icons). The fingerprint plugin is required to show these icons.
  • enable typing sounds - when enabled, a sound effect may be played when you type in the message input box. To configure the sound effect, you must set it under Customize→Sounds.
  • Disable animated GIF avatars - this setting allows you to disable animated GIF pictures in the message window. If enabled, only the first frame of such an animated GIF image will be shown and no animation will be played.
  • Close current tab on send - When enabled, the current tab will be closed when you send a message. NOTE: You must also enabled Message Sessions→General→Sending Messages→Close the message window on send to make this option functional. If this option is unchecked, the entire message window will be closed instead of the current tab only.
  • Disable error popups on sending failures - this option can be used to disable the red popups appearing after a message delivery had failed.
  • Automatic keyboard layout: Do not load the system default for new contacts - when the auto keyboard feature is enabled, TabSRMM will not load the system default keyboard layout for a new contact (that is, for a contact, for which no keyboard layout was previously saved). If you disable this advanced tweak, TabSRMM will always load the system default keyboard when you open a message window that has no keyboard layout. If you enable this option (which is the default), the currently active keyboard layout will not be changed upon opening of a message window with no assigned keyboard layout.
  • Message send timeout - this option can be used to tweak the timeout for detection of failed message deliveries. For technical reasons, the minimum value is 60 seconds and cannot be lowered. A lower value wouldn't make sense anyway.
  • Input history size - this setting allows you to tweak the number of messages stored to the input history of a message session. Whenever you send a message, it is saved to the history and you can use SHIFT-cursorkeys to recall it later. The maximum number of messages stored is determined by this setting.

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