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Current events

This page will list important events happening here. This includes new pages added to the Wiki as well as the release of new stable versions of my plugins.

You may also check the Blog.

admin November 02, 2010, at 06:46 AM

admin October 27, 2010, at 07:26 AM

  • switched site to PmWiki. MediaWiki is getting more and more bloated with every update and I wasn't really satisfied with its performance any longer. PmWiki is ideal for smaller sites as it doesn't even require a database.

October 20, 2010

  • layout and style updated to be more consistent with my Wordpress blog
  • removed some extensions that are no longer needed

October 31, 2009

Site maintenance tasks performed

  • History cleanup (most old revisions removed)
  • Layout updated
  • Fixed lightbox image viewing
  • updated some extensions (dpl, lightbox2)
  • re-enabled user registration, but it is protected by reCAPTCHA. Anonymous editing remains disabled.

October 8, 2009

Spam cleanup. In order to get rid of tons of spam I also deleted most of the user accounts, because they were only created to distribute spam anyway. Registration is now disabled until I find time to implement a working spam protection.

September 8, 2009

TabSRMM 3 is under development. It will be a major overhaul of the plugin with some new features and many other changes.

Right now, it is in its early days and has issues? you should be aware of. Also, there is a page that lists the new stuff? in the plugin.

September 11, 2008

Version released

After quite some time, a new build was released today. Those of you, who frequently get Miranda alpha builds, probably already have it. All others can download it here?

July 08, 2008

New page added

A page, describing the hidden message windows? feature was added today. This is a feature, added by the mad mod patch and was previously marked "experimental". After some minor fixes it appears to be mature enough.

May 08, 2008

New pages added

A page about Avatars? was added today as well as a description of the generic message window settings? option page.

New build released

Version was released today. You can get it from this page? or the updater plugin. Read the change log? to learn what was added and/or changed in this build. It's quite a lot...

May 06, 2008

New page added

A new page about the input history? in tabSRMM has been added today..

May 05, 2008

New pages added

I've added two new pages to the Wiki. The first one? is covering typing notifications and its configuration methods which have changed in version

The second page describes the advanced tweaks? added recently. These tweaks were first made available in the mad mod patch? in form of an additional plugin (tabmodplus.dll).

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