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Popups are small, borderless windows which can show a small amount of information, mostly consisting of small pieces of text and optionally a small image. In Miranda, popups are widely used to display notifications for many different events or to show status messages.

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Using popups for notifications

Popups are relatively unintrusive, because, in most cases, they will disappear after a given time. They will not grab input focus and are usually small so they cannot cover important parts of your desktop.

Popups are not a standard Miranda feature, that is, they are not implemented in the core and must be added by installing a Plugin (see below for more). They are highly customizable - size, colors, layouts, fonts and many other options can be configured to make them match your desktop or Miranda theme.

Usage of Popups in TabSRMM

TabSRMM uses popups to display event notifications for incoming message- and - optionally - file transfer events. It can optionally use system tray tooltips but this method is not recommended because such tooltips have a lot of disadvantages in comparison to popups.

Installing the Popup functionality

To get popups working in TabSRMM, you must first install a plugin which adds the necessary services to your Miranda installation. Popup plugins should be seen as service providers as they do not add any visible content (except for the option pages), but they are used by many other plugins to display various messages, warnings and notifications.

There are two major plugins which will add this feature to your Miranda installation


This is the original popup plugin, heavily modified and updated with lots of new features. It is probably the most widely used popup plugin for Miranda. It can be obtained from the file listing.

A discussion thread is also available on the official Miranda IM forum.

Yapp (yet another popup plugin)

This plugin, written by Scott Ellis is an alternative to Popup+. It is fully compatible with the Popup+ API and can therefore be used as a "drop in" replacement. The focus of YAPP follows a more lightweight and resource friendly approach and generally seems to be more stable than Popup+. It does, however, not offer all the features of Popup+.

You can only use one of them and you'll have to decide which one you prefer. Operating multiple popup plugins is not possible, because they implement the same services.

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