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Source Code information

This page lists where to get source code for my various plugins. Generally, source code is only available via anonymous SVN. I do not offer zipped archives, simply because code is only interesting for developers and such users are usually familiar with using a version control system.

TabSRMM and Clist Nicer

Both plugins are hosted inside the main SVN repository for Miranda. When you checkout Miranda from Googlecode, you'll also get the code for these plugins.

The URI for the TRUNK Miranda repository is

This will check out trunk code which means you'll get the bleeding edge, code which is under heavy development. You should not use this when your goal is to compile a stable Miranda version.

The URI for stable code is

Where to put the code?

All my plugins have been set up in a way that their code must be in a folder just one level below the /plugins subfolder in the Miranda source code tree. For example:


Supported build environments

are the only officially supported build environments for all my plugins. Project files are available for 6.0 (.dsw / .dsp) and 10.0 (.sln / .vcproj). Other versions should work when you convert the .dsw/.dsp project files.

SVN clients

Using and understanding SVN can be hard for a new user, but there are some very nice graphical clients for Windows. I recommend TortoiseSVN - a SVN frontend for Microsoft Windows - or RapidSVN - a multiplatform GUI frontend for SVN which are both very feature-rich and easy to use.

Users of Microsoft Visual Studio (2005 or later) should also consider Ankh SVN (Open Source) or Visual SVN which is a commercial product but free license keys for open source developers are available.

License and copyrights

The source code for all my plugins is licensed under the Gnu General Public License Version 2 or any later version.

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