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Information about the software powering this site

This site is using the PmWiki software. You can find documentation for it on the linked site.

If you need help editing pages, you'll find a few useful links in the side bar on the left. This includes help for the editing syntax which is not very different from MediaWiki.

Why PmWiki?

Because it works. Really, there isn't any special reason and I've most likely chosen it, because it is very powerful, feature-rich, extremely fast and lightweight. I've been using MediaWiki before but it got slower with every update so I decided to switch to PmWiki.

What about copyrights, legal stuff?

Like any other content created by an individual, it is of course copyrighted stuff. However, the content you can find on this site is licensed under the GNU FDL (Free Documentation License) which basically means, you can use, copy, modify and redistribute the content as long as you comply with the Terms of the license.

The privacy policy for this site can be viewed here.

Conventions used on this site

To make reading a bit easier, all pages should use a unified layout. Additionally, templates are available to highlight important parts of text in several different ways.

  • Important notes. This markup is used to indicate important instructions or things which should be read and followed with extra care.

This is how an important note looks like.

  • A hint. This markup indicates a useful hint. Often used to show how things can be done faster and/or easier.

This is how a hint looks like.

  • A check item. This markup is used to indicate checklist-type entries. Make sure to follow the steps in order to achieve the desired results.

This is how a checklist type entry looks like. It explains in a step-by-step way how to achieve a certain result

These markup types are implemented by templates. Each template takes exactly three arguments, beginning with the text which should appear in the box. The second argument specifies the left indentation while the third argument will determine the indentation of the right margin. Values must be given in CSS syntax. Example: 1.0em or 20px.

Other conventions

  • Menu|File→Open. Indicates a menu entry to choose.
  • Message Sessions→General[tab]→Show contact avatars. Where to find a specific option. Note that, unless otherwise noted, all options can be found within the main Miranda option dialog. The first entry usually describes the node under which the option page is located. A [tab] suffix indicates that this is a tab page.
  • Ctrl-L. This formatting indicates a keyboard shortcut to use.

Notes about work in progress on pages

Work in progress

This article should be considered work in progress. It is not complete and undergoing frequent changes.

If you see the above note on top of a page, it means that this article is not yet finished. The article should be seen as a draft and will possibly undergo heavy changes in the future.

Can I edit the pages?

Yes, actually, you can. Anonymous editing is, however, not allowed on this site, because fighting spammers and vandals is too time-consuming for a "one man show". This may change when I finally find an effective automated spam protection method, but so far, none was able to keep them away. Some articles are protected though, but only those for which editing by users doesn't make much sense. This applies to changelogs and other "technical" articles. If you have comments or proposed changes to a page you cannot edit, use its discussion page.

When editing a page, please follow the conventions by using the various markup templates. You can find a list of available formatting templates here.

You can use images, but keep them small and use thumbnails when possible to save bandwidth and improve loading times for a user with a slower network connection. Uploading images is permitted w/o any limits, but please do not abuse it, or I'll have to change that feature.

How to find recent changes?

Click the link Site Changes on top of the page. It will show you a list of recently added or modified pages.

Are there any RSS feeds?

Yes, there are in several formats. See at the top right of the page header.

Do I have to register?

Only when you want to edit edit articles.

I don't like the layout, how can I have a standard Wiki look

No, because this isn't a standard Wiki. It runs PmWiki, which, by default, looks different from MediaWiki.

What about the talk pages, there aren't any

Right now, there are no talk or discussion pages. I may add such a feature in the future.

How to upload images?

Simply use the Attach link when editing or viewing a post. To use images in an article, refer to the documentation for the Thumblist extension that is used to manage images.

For thumbnails, this site is using the LightBox extension for PmWiki. Clicking on a thumbnailed image will open the image in an overlayed window. To open the image normally, click on the small icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image.

When uploading images please make sure to use appropriate size limits. Don't post screenshots of your entire desktop if you only want to show the message window, for example.

Use of JavaScript and cookies

Some features, especially AJAX- and the HighSlide extension are using JavaScript. This is optional, though, the site is fully operational with JavaScript disabled. Cookies are only needed when you have created an account and are logged in. The cookie will store your session ID then, but nothing else.

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