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This site is supposed to become my new homepage with its main focus on my various software projects. In the last few years, I've written several smaller and bigger plugins for Miranda but none of them had a real home where all information was collected, except for my forum.

My forum will continue to exist, but I will probably post most news on this site.

I have also created a googlecode site where you can find:

  • a issue tracker (should be a better solution to deal with issues and problems than a forum). Please read this page to learn, how and where bugs should be reported. For TabSRMM and Clist Nicer you can also use the Miranda Bug Tracker, if you already have an account there.
  • downloads for plugins which are not on the file listing, or beta version which may not work with stable Miranda releases (my policy is to NOT release such versions to the official file listing, because they will most likely only cause troubles for less experienced users).
  • a discussion group which has the advantage that you can use it with your gmail account and will not have to register a new one (I assume that most people now have a google account).

This site is built on top of the PmWiki software which I've found suitable for creating a document-orientated website. Additional functionality for posting news and such can be added with extensions easily. Read the help page for more information.


A major goal of this site is to provide "wiki style" documentation for my various Miranda plugins. Some of these plugins have become very complex pieces of software with many features, but there is almost no documentation, except for some articles on my old forum and blog. I've been thinking of creating offline documents and distribute them together with the plugin binaries and considered various formats, like HTML, PDF, Word and even the Microsoft Help document format. But finally, I discarded all these ideas and made the decision to create the documentation online.

A Wiki system is probably the easiest way to create and maintain documents online, link them together and produce very well-readable results. Also, contributions are easy to incorporate, simply, because people can just edit a page when they think, they have something to contribute.

Right now, the following plugins are covered here

  • TabSRMM (messaging plugin). Main article.
  • Sound volume (slightly improved version of the original plugin with support for MRadio and compatible with Miranda 0.7/0.8). Main article.

The articles will cover topics for end users and provide some technical informations (e.g. how to create skins, templates and other advanced customization topics). This is still under heavy construction as I'am in the process of collecting various articles, I've written over the last years and convert them to Wiki format.

Content licensing

All content is licensed under the FDL and the here is the privacy statement.

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